Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Are you Ready?.... to Release?

We are in the middle of our 21 Day Cleanse and my friend Gretchen Hogg reminded me of something this morning which is that as we are releasing toxins and lowering inflammation, we are also releasing the weight and with that comes emotion and sometimes fear.  Yes, we are giving our bodies loving messages that it is safe to let go, we are learning that we have to get out of our “fight or flight” stress mode and activate our parasympathetic nervous system in order to both digest our food as well as rest and repair. 

What often arises during this time, is a release of emotions.  After all, we hold our issues in our tissues and often we put on our weight as a protective mechanism.   If we take time to journal, we might uncover what was going on in our lives the last time we were at this weight, or the target weight that we are hoping to accomplish.  Did something happen that evoked strong emotion?  Often our subconscious self is “ruling the roost” and is based on a fear that we embodied sometime in the past and often as a child or during a time when we were less empowered.   To overcome this, we need to look at the fear and then reassure our subconscious self that we are now safe to let go of the fear as well as the weight.   Having a safe and confidential sounding board can help you process some of these thoughts as well as make the choice to reprogram them into thoughts and beliefs that will better serve you now and your goals moving forward.  This is where a health coach can be invaluable.

In the same vein, are you allowing the ANTs to creep in?  The Automatic Negative Thoughts that come from our most primitive part of our brain, the amygdala?  The ones that say, “Who am I to want to be thin? Or I can never look like that? Or this is too hard….”  We all have self-limiting thoughts that lead to self-limiting behaviors, what are your thoughts that are starting to creep up?   Anytime, we are trying to change or move out of our comfort zone, we are prone to self-sabotage.  Our ego brain likes us to stay the same.  Often our friends and family want a status quo too, after all if you change too much, must they change too?  The only thing constant in life is change, so why are we so afraid of it and what can we do to embrace it?  Again, this is where health coaching can help to keep you on the road and help you get out of your own way when these human thoughts and tendencies arise.

The biggest way we self sabotage ourselves is to tell ourselves that we are too busy, that we don’t have enough time.  Deepak Chopra says the fastest way to a heart attack is to say, there isn’t enough time which has been my mantra for years (and why I suffered high blood pressure for years too!)  How do we stop, take a deep breath and say, There is enough time, I am worth the time to make my green juice and/ or smoothie and/ or healthy meal to nourish my mind, body and soul.  How do we learn to put ourselves back on our to do list and how do we celebrate our successes no matter how small?  Download my app so you can have daily self-care reminders and a place to prioritize YOU.  Please comment or contact me if you would like to discuss further.

Have a glorious day, Carpe Diem, because we only have this day and this moment to live life to its fullest!  What are you going to do today that is yummy and nourishing? 

With Love, Lisa

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why Cleanse?

Why Cleanse?

This morning I was reminded of something one of my friends and old neighbors told me when she saw me a year or so ago.  She said, “Lisa I read your blogs and if I ever get cancer you will be the first person I call”.  She missed the point.  I don't want you to wait until you GET Cancer, I want to show you how you can prevent cancer and chronic illness and if not, how to begin to heal yourself from within, hence the title of my blogspot Healing From Within.  My mission in life is to inspire wellness. To teach you how to THRIVE, not just survive! To do so is empowering.

For this reason, I am offering another FREE Webinar tomorrow night titled, “Why Cleanse?”  My cleanse will show you how to create an environment that is healthy for normal cells and inhabitable for cancer cells.  Just like the health of our plants is dependent on the health and nutrition of our soil; the same is true for our bodies.

My daughter Margo sent me the following link this morning to the following website that outlines a lot of what we will be discussing and that is in my cleanse program.

And no, you don't have to have a chronic illness to join the call!  All you need is the desire to feel and look your best at any age.  Or maybe you just want to find your optimal weight or eliminate your seasonal allergies, or to have more energy and less stress...

I so hope that you will join me Thursday night, April 3rd at 5pm ET! 
Carpe Diem!  Why? Because we only have this day and this moment to live life to its fullest.

Click here to Register for Thursday night’s free webinar or to listen to the replay: