Thursday, July 24, 2014

Retail Therapy at Havana Vintage Boutique

I am birthday shopping for one my best friends at Havana Vintage Boutique, the local consignment shop in Great Falls. Not that I want to buy her something “cheap,” but just the opposite. It's about finding a quality item for an affordable price. Because when a girl is living on a budget - as most of us are - you've got to be a smart shopper.

And who doesn’t love a bargain? Like a brand new limited edition Coach bag that you can no longer get for a fraction of the cost. Or if I had a higher budget, a brand new Burberry bag that is to die for at $399. I don’t know what the retail is, but I am sure it’s much more than $399.

Although I am always preaching that I help people look and feel their best from the inside out - starting with of course diet, nutrition, and mind/body work - the truth of the matter is, when you look at our total well being, we have to account for our financial well being as well. And as Havana proves, looking and feeling good does not have to break the bank. It's sad but true that most ladies will spend more money putting toxic stuff on their hair than they will for their health. Because yes, we’re vain. And yes, we care how we look. So we have to look and feel of best from the inside out, but we also want to look good on the outside too.  
So, my new favorite store and one of the best kept secrets, is Havana. It will satisfy any woman's "retail therapy", as my daughter Dana likes to call it. And Dana is not only a great example of someone who is learning to look and feel good from the inside out, she is also learning to follow her passion. And her passion? Fashion!

So, if you want to learn more about both Havana and the yummy surprises that the store entails, like a brand new designer dress - with the tag on it - for about 20% of the original cost, stay tuned for my next blog post where Dana will show us her favorite find from Havana! And for anyone looking for some great deals, Havana is having a big 20-50% off sale for everything in the store on Friday and Saturday with extended hours Friday from 10am-9pm and Saturday 10-5pm. Definitely check it out!

Carpe Diem. Why? Because we only have this moment and this day to live life to the fullest.

To stay up to date with Havana's newest arrivals (especially if you don't live in the area!), follow them on Instagram and Twitter.