Monday, April 30, 2012

25 Lessons Learned

I wrote this on the plane home from Arizona after 9 weeks with my Daughters Cancer treatment and is the accumulation of what I've learned, not only from this experience but my recent studies and 50 plus years of living.  This list was re affirmed after this weekend's retreat which focused on Healing Vibrational Energies (including sound, food, art and movement). 

As Always, I welcome any feedback or comments
  1. We can heal ourselves from within....truly
  2. Trust your gut, heart and inner voice
  3. We are in our infancy when it comes to our knowledge of Nutrition
  4. We are in our infancy when it comes to our knowledge of mind body medicine
  5. Much wisdom can be learned from our ancient spiritual texts as well as modern day texts
  6. Love heals, 
  7. Self love is imperative for good health
  8. Self love, nutrition and herbs are the most powerful healing medicines
  9. We can change the structure of water with our thoughts and emotions, our bodies are 70% water, our brain is 85% water; therefore we can change our internal landscape with our thoughts and emotions
  10. The rest is energy
  11. We must dare to dream and use our imagination for that is the beginning of our reality and the future
  12. We MUST take control, accountability and responsibility for our health.  NO one has all the answers if they say they do, be skeptical!
  13. We are surrounded by serendipity and miracles everyday and by practicing gratitude and optimism we can learn to see them.
  14. We are spiritual beings in a material world.  We become what we sow, we are what we eat, drink, read and think.  
  15. It is in giving that we receive, when we find meaning in life and a purpose greater than ourselves we grow spiritually.
  16. We MUST raise political and social awareness or we will lose all of our freedoms including what we can plant, eat and freedom of medical choice.
  17. We are not the labels that are placed upon us by our schools, psychologists and physicians.  These labels create self limiting thoughts and behaviors and self fulfilling prophecies.
  18. We do not need a pill for every ill and we are not imprisoned by our genes.
  19. We can reverse the expression of our DNA
  20. Science does not have all the answers.  Just because we can’t or won’t see something does not mean that it does not exist or is not possible
  21. We must still the conscious mind and practice accessing our inner subconscious mind to find our inner wisdom, strength and creativity. 
  22. We must be open to questioning the limits the conscious mind places upon us and practice the art of learning to listen, breathe, laugh and dance!  Then, we can find and follow our passions
  23. Our physical symptoms are signs that our gut, heart and  inner self is out of alignment with our conscious mind. (See #2)
  24. When our chakras or energy centers are in alignment we have an abundance of energy to find and follow our passions.  
  25. When the mind body and spirit are aligned the world becomes abundant with infinite possibilities.
Please share your thoughts!

Carpe Diem & Namaste


Friday, April 27, 2012

The Cause of all Human Suffering

Dana's Blogpost in makes me think of important lessons learned in my Yoga Teacher Training.  Patanjali explains in The Yoga Sutras that all human suffering is caused by “not seeing things as they truly are”.  Words so true. Every day we have the opportunity to witness how our minds, based on past experience, dictate our limiting beliefs.  How often do we allow self-defeating or negative thoughts in our heads?  How often do we tell ourselves we should do more or be more?  How often do we compare ourselves to others or beat ourselves up when we fall short of our own expectations?  How often do we tell ourselves we are failures, instead of recognizing and celebrating our many and often small accomplishments?
The truth is that we are all so busy doing that we forget who we truly are.  We spend our lives mindlessly reacting to external stimuli and others expectations that we become unaware of our own inner strength and beauty.  When we fail to nurture our inner souls as well as our bodies, we become numb to our self and others.  We create our own jail sentence and lose the ability to relax and find joy and peace.
The truth is that lifestyle change takes time as does any healing and growth process.  This is why I offer a 6-month coaching program.  As I said to Dana, we are social creatures, we were not meant to muddle through life alone.  The sooner that we recognize our humanness; the sooner we open the door to our inner acceptance and strength.   
I am continually impressed on how 60 minutes of yoga or meditation or an individual or group coaching session can totally turn my attitude around and often melt away the man-made fears of my mind.  Most importantly to my daughter and all of us, who every day become a little more mindful of our health & wellness I say, “YOU DESERVE A STANDING OVATION”!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Interesting Article by Dr. Mercola

Interesting article by Dr. Mercola with more evidence that we are not victim to our genes.  In fact, only about 5% of our current health is controlled by our genes along.  Dr. Colin Campbell author of the China Study, the worlds largest nutritional study to date, explains studies on rats when fed diets of 10-20% of animal protein they grew cancer cells and when they decreased the animal protein in the diet to 5%, the cancer cells shrunk,  demonstrating the relationship of diet to genetic expression.  I also blogged earlier about the power of thoughts and how our thoughts can change the molecular structure of water and remember that are brains are 85% water and our bodies ~ 70% water.  Yes, We are "what we eat, drink and think"!