Friday, May 17, 2013

Today's TGIF

Today’s TGIF (Trusting, Grateful, Inspires & Faith)  An exercise from our “Cultivating Joy” Group and Dr Brene Brown’s book on The Gifts of Imperfection.

I'm Trusting what I am Grateful for, what Inspires me, and how I'm practicing my Faith.

I am trusting that if I pause to acknowledge my fears, (particularly my fear around scarcity) that I can choose to treat myself as I would a good friend and say to myself, “Are these fears really valid?  Is this really the truth?  Is this true 100% of the time?  Is it possible that it could be untrue?  

Today I choose to trust that I am enough and worthy enough to create the life of my dreams.

I am Grateful for the challenges that afford me the opportunity for growth and how these challenges give me opportunities to make different choices everyday.  I am grateful for the acknowledgement that if I choose to take the same action and think the same thoughts that I will create the same outcome and that I can begin to shape a new outcome with my new thoughts and intentions for today.   

Today I choose to think in terms of possibilities instead of limitations.

I am so Inspired by everyone in my classes on Cultivating Joy and the fact that we can share our stories, our challenges and our successes!  You inspire me so much!

I am practicing my Faith by writing this blog and beginning to share my own story with you. 

Too often we go through life letting our primitive brain and fear run our lives.  We can fall into the trap of “What’s wrong with me?” instead of acknowledging all that is “Right with me”.  This has been my default mode causing me so much anxiety and fear , keeping me stuck and totally interfering with my ability to experience joy.  

Today I choose to work on possibilities without fear or an expectation of the outcome.  

What would you do if you could not fail and had nothing to lose?

Will you please share with me your TGIF?

Carpe Diem,