Monday, October 8, 2012

Dana’s Pet Scan is Clean!!!

I knew it would be, because she decided it would be.  Dana chose the road less traveled.  Twice, first she eliminated the tumors that were displacing her trachea, strangling her juggler vein and causing an enlarged heart.  She did this through low dose chemo, coupled with wheat grass shots, a raw vegan diet, colonics, probiotics, yoga and meditation.  Then she went home to her lifestyle but worried it wasn’t enough.  The lumps returned.  Three doctors said the treatment was effective, just not enough long enough.

Her HMO Doctor told us that had we not done this crazy thing, he could have had an 85-90% chance of success.  Now she had 10% with radiation or 65% with a complete bone marrow transplant.  Talk about a punch in the stomach, talk about disempowerment, talk about FEAR!  Paralyzing fear…..

Dana chose the road less taken again.  She took the 10% success rate or radiation, because the doctor felt it would eradicate the tumors but his fear was it would keep the cancer away for ever.   Dana said, “I think I have some control over that”

Halleluah Dana!  Shout from the rooftops!  Because that is what Mind Body Medicine does.  It helps you become empowered.  To reach the inner strength that can create disease or heal thyself.

I’m told that you are not cured from cancer, not healed until you no longer have fear.  And yes, you can embrace the fear and find peace and joy from within.